Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Facebook party 1500 guest & 100 police

Yet another Facebook party invitation gone wild, gone viral, gone out of hand – Thessa, German girl in Hamburg happily throws a Sweet 16 birthday party and puts her party invitation up on Facebook – as would any teen with any social (media) cred these days, pretty normal so far isn’t it? Problem is that with her privacy settings, the invitation went public, meaning everyone is invited. 15,000 signed up for the party! Uhm, she must have noticed that. Eventually 1500 actually turned up, and to keep the crowd in order, throw in 100 police – the power of social media!

She tried to cancel the party but it was too late – it’s already gone viral and there’s no stopping the crowd once it gets moving as you can see in the video. So what have we learnt? Not only can social media over throw governments, social media can also throw awesome parties, like it or not.

girl-leaves-own-birthday-party-0Interesting numbers actually : 15,000 confirmations, 1,500 shows up, that’s 10% show-up for a “public” event. No event marketing needed, no secretariat chasing RSVPs, not even invitation cards / postage costs, almost no cost involved in marketing and she’s got 1,500 guests!

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