Sunday, June 5, 2011

Bouncing balls and Yes-Set psychology

Sony Bravia (Bouncing Balls) – An example of the Yes-Set psychology

Remember the bouncing balls commercial from Sony (Bravia LCD TV)? Fun wasn’t it? watching all the balls bounce up and down and up and down. Well, subconsciously you would have been nodding your head up and down, and up and down as your eyes follow the balls, very minimally, very sublimely. Then Sony conveniently shows you their TV, and because you already in the “Yes-Set” mindset (from the gentle nodding), there is a very good chance that you will approve of the product and associate with it positively, yes yes yes. ah, the beauty of sublime influence. Bravo!

Well you can do it too, get people into the Yes-set first so they are more likely to agree with what you actually want to say! No, not throw a bunch of balls around, haha. First start by asking a set of very simple questions that gets a Yes answer… Is your name xxxx? Yes. Are you living in xxxx address? Yes. In xxx city? Yes. O well we have an exciting offer for you… uhm, Yes. ; Sound familiar? … Yes ; p

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