Saturday, June 4, 2011

Lawyer wants to see iPad 3 (o, and the iPhone 5 too)

AddLikeFollow - Show Me Your Ipad 3Moral of Story: Lawyers are smart, smarter than 17-year old boys. After reading about the 17-year old boy selling his kidney for iPad 2, I came across this article about Samsung lawyers wanting to see iPad 3. The news is actually about a lawsuit between Apple and Samsung that Samsung designers are copying Apple (Phone / Pad).

In what ways is the lawyer smarter than the 17-year old?
  1. He only wants to see it
    Doesn’t need to have it, doesn’t want to have it, just see it
  2. He does not have to pay any body parts or money for it
    Samsung and Apple are paying for the court charade
  3. He gets money for it
    Yea, not only does he not pay any body parts or money, he actually gets paid for it!
  4. He wants 2 for the price of 1
    Yesss, seeing the iPad 3 isn’t enough, let’s see the iPhone 5 too, pretty smart if you ask me
Not only is the lawyer smarter, apparently also being smartypants about it. When he gets to see the iPad 3 / iPhone 5, he is not showing to us. Yes, you heard it right, we don’t get to see it. He (they) see it in private, damn! C’mon admit it, how many of you are thinking cool we’re gonna see the iPad 3 and iPhone 5. Not.

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