Saturday, June 11, 2011

MySpace troubles… It’s in the name, doh.


MySpace barely made the news recently and it ain’t good… Newscorp the owner who bought it for $580m is trying to offload it, hoping to get back $100m, but embarrassingly sources say there’s only 1 bidder (in all due respect that’s not bidding). MySpace was one of the earliest social media site and once was the place to be. But ever since the rise of Facebook, MySpace could do no right. Traffic tanked and continues to tank. A re-make, with facelift and new logo, to re-market itself as entertainment hub, a space for bands and musicians looks good visually, but is still not helping the numbers… traffic still continues to tank. Yes, there has been mistakes, and competition is formidable, but nobody can truly explain how the fortunes of the once almighty MySpace can sink like the Titanic. I guess that’s socialmedia, hot today cold tomorrow, you’re it or you’re not. At the rate traffic is leaving like a tsunami alert, the single bidder could end up being the new owners of his very very own uhm space, literally.

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