Thursday, June 9, 2011

Dutch girl tattooed 152 facebook friends [video]

Facebook photowall tatto

That Dutch girl with Facebook photowall tattoo story that was making the rounds on social medial - it came out today that it was a hoax, but for a couple of days (slightly more than a week actually), it was very believable.  Some were disgusted, some batted an eyelid, but a LOT of people found it believable enough. The way social media has entered our daily lives, it is not unimaginable. So, this one is a hoax, but the next one might not be now that the idea is out there for somebody nut enough to follow follow.

As a viral marketing campaign, it was pretty successful with more than a million views on Youtube and major press reporting on it. Whether it brought actual sales of the company´s products (you can buy products from this Dutch company with photowall of Facebook friends plastered all over it at PrettySocial.NL, the company who engineered the hoax), we’ll have to see. At least they got the free publicity that money couldn’t buy (such as me telling you about what they do, which I just did). The general opinion on Twitter sphere is rather positive, from beautiful to brilliant.

I actually found it amusing, and as the initial reaction to the viral marketing sunk in and went away, I thought about the product – gee, it could be rather cool to give as a gift, a Facebook photowall gift… hmmm…

ps. you can read more about the story here

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